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Serotonin, a neurotransmitter is shown to be released by tannins, and high levels of serotonin may cause headaches to people who also are migraine headache sufferers. Compounds within grape skins are likely causes, these can be either naturally occurring or be a product of the fermentation itself. The histamine level in red wine is up to twice as high as it is in white wine. Therefore anyone with an histamine allergy may be deficient in a particular enzyme. The combination of the alcohol and that deficiency could (although not proven) be yet another cause of the headaches.A third idea is that prostaglandins may be the root cause of RWH. Understandably the subject of wines has been written about at length and goes much further than three categories of body. However with this information it should be possible to understand a little more and make knowledgeable choices on types of wine for your table. If you enjoyed this article and would like to read Part 2 of this lesson, click one of the Wine Etiquette [] links for additional fascinating Wine Lessons and Resources.Drink moderately and remember to enjoy your company no matter what type of wine or wine and food pairing that you have. After all, wine can only be enjoyed whenever you savor the moment, whether alone with your crystal glass or with the company of family and friends.These are substances that contribute to pain.A fourth cause, and often the one most drinkers blame is sulfites. Sufferers who are sensitive to sulfites may not get a headache at all, but may experience an allergic reaction.Sulfites are remarkably powerful in their task as anti-oxidants. They are known to increase the symptoms of asthma in a small number of asthmatics while some sufferers may experience difficulties when eating food or drink containing sulfites. The inhalation of sulfite vapours can also be extremely irritating.Hopefully this article has provided an insight into three main categories of red wines. 紅酒wine香檳酒 New Zealand Wine 紐西蘭酒 Italy Wine 意大利酒 Portugal Wine 葡萄牙酒